We Bare Bears The Movie

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We Bare Bears The Movie
A film that redeemed a horrible ending of a good show last year.
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Daniel Chong
Written By: Christina Chang
Daniel Chong
Alex Chiu
Manny Hernandez
Yvonne Hsuan Ho
Quinne Larsen
Sang Yup Lee
Sooyeon Lee
Charlie Parisi
Lauren Sassen
Sarah Sobole
Louie Zong
Starring: Eric Edelstein
Bobby Moynihan
Demetri Martin
Marc Evan Jackson
Keith Ferguson
Jason Lee
Patton Oswalt
Charlyne Yi
Cameron Esposito
Ellie Kemper
Sam Lavagnino
Amber Liu
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: June 30, 2020 (Digital)
September 7, 2020 (TV)
Runtime: 69 minutes
Country: United States

We Bare Bears: The Movie is a 2020 American animated adventure comedy-drama film based on the Cartoon Network television series of the same name. Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, it was released on North American digital theater platforms by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on June 30, 2020. Directed by series creator Daniel Chong from a story by Mikey Heller and Kris Mukai, We Bare Bears: The Movie stars the voices of series regulars Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan, and Demetri Martin as the three titular bears Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear; joined by Marc Evan Jackson as Agent Trout and Keith Ferguson as Officer Murphy. this film serves as the series finale of We Bare Bears.


Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives when their hijinks are taken too far. This catches the attention of Agent Trout, who now wants to discriminate against the bears and separate them to restore the "natural order", making the bears forced to take a road trip to Canada, where they can reside in peace while having Agent Trout on the run.

Why It Rocks

  1. It stays incredibly faithful to its source material.
  2. The cast reprises their roles for the movie.
  3. The soundtrack was really fun to listen to especially the song "On The Road To Canada".
  4. Amazing voice acting from the cast, even Marc Evan Jackson did an excellent job at voicing Agent Trout.
  5. Agent Trout is a very dark villain, and a very interesting antagonist, probably the most dangerous villain the bears ever came across.
  6. It shows the time the bears first met.
  7. The CGI used is fantastic, especially the one used for the helicopter.
  8. It teaches an anti-racist message, so kids can grow up to not be racist.
  9. It has a lot of funny moments like the part when the bears drove off when the cop found out they were bears, then a van that looks exactly like there's and it's humans inside with the same outfits as the bears and when the bears stole Officer Murphy's bear complaint binder.
  10. The action scenes are fun and intense to watch and might make you shed some tears.
  11. It has really emotional moments

Bad Qualities

  1. The way Agent Trout is defeated is somewhat anticlimactic. (Because instead of having a final battle with Grizz and being quickly defeated, and when he returns to escape, HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT THE POLICE ON THE HELICOPTER WAS THERE!) That's somewhat disappointing...
  2. The film's first part does drag a little bit, and it is a pretty short movie.
  3. False advertising: Lots of posters and DVD covers show Ice Bear wearing sunglasses, yet he never actually wears them in the film.
  4. Pizza Rat is an unlikable character, he sold out the Bears to Agent Trout to gain more social media followers and is never seen again for the rest of the movie and gets off scot-free.
  5. The scene where Panda tells Grizz "we're not brothers" might not only be intense for young viewers but a bit cliched at the same time.
  6. Lots of pandering, such as the bears reenacting popular memes, or the bears meeting internet celebrity animals based on animal memes.




one month ago
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This is actually one of my top 5 favorite movies, this movie is AWESOME!


24 days ago
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I don't think the ending was flawed.

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