Van Helsing

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Van Helsing
Van Helsing.jpg
Hugh Jackman hunts down monsters.
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Stephen Sommers
Written By: Stephen Sommers
Starring: Hugh Jackman
Kate Beckinsale
Richard Roxburgh
David Wenham
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Release Date: May 7, 2004
Runtime: 131 minutes
Country: United States
Sequel: Van Helsing: The London Assignment

Van Helsing is a 2004 action horror film directed by Stephen Sommers. It is based on the Universal Classic Monsters films including Dracula and Frankenstein.


Van Helsing has been tasked to protect Anna Valerious from the clutches of Dracula.

Why It Rocks

  1. There were plenty of clever homages to the Universal Monsters films such as when Dr. Frankenstein creates his monster and yells "It's alive".
  2. Hugh Jackman's British accent for Van Helsing is indistinguishable.
  3. Very good acting.
  4. Mr. Hyde (voiced by Robbie Coltrane) and Frankenstein's monster are effective scene-stealers.
  5. The opening scene and the logo are in black-and-white, which is a nice throwback to the classic Universal monster films.
  6. The music composed by Alan Silvesteri is epic.
  7. The forms of the vampires and werewolves are terrifying and amazing to look at.
  8. The movie feels like a good adaptation of Castlevania, complete with vampires.
  9. Universal Monsters crossover including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and werewolves.
  10. The werewolves' transformation scenes are original with the skin getting removed by the fur.
  11. Stephen Sommers is a big fan of Universal Monsters movies and it shows with this movie.
  12. Dracula's three brides are terrifying and pretty to look at.
  13. Richard Roxburgh is awesome as Dracula.
  14. David Wenham's character Carl provides some good comedic relief.
  15. The success of the Hotel Transylvania trilogy has made many people notice that the movie's idea of reuniting classic monsters aged well.
  16. Renaming Abraham Van Helsing to Gabriel Van Helsing resulted in a more memorable protagonist.

Bad Qualities

  1. The death scene of Anna felt a little anticlimactic.
  2. Van Helsing's story arc feels like a retread of Wolverine from X-Men.
  3. The Creature from the Black Lagoon was supposed to appear but he was removed from the script.
  4. It slightly bombed at the box office, which cancelled plans for sequels. However, a video game, a comic book and animated prequel were made in 2004.

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