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Alright, I thought I would make this guide since the anons are clogging up the wiki with shitty pages. So, this guide will teach you how to make a good page.

The Basics

The basic setup for pages is this:

[Information about the movie]                                                                                    [Picture of the movie poster]


[This section isn't required, but you can add if you want]

Why it Rocks

[List reasons, make sure that you have more than one reason. Also, DO NOT list events from the movie as reasons. This is a trend that most anons are following. Also, don't add crap like It's made by Disney.

Bad Qualities

[This section is for the bad qualities of the film. Only add this section if the film has bad qualities.]

The Movies That Belong On This Wiki

Recently, anons have added pages about bad movies. So, to prevent bad movies from getting on the wiki, the film needs to have a decent score on IMDB. So, movies that have a score of 2.50 or lower need to stay out. Also, poorly made pages will not be tolerated on this wiki. Be sure to pay attention as some ratings are biased. The pages need to have quality. 

That'll be all. Thanks for reading.