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SonicClub/sandbox/Welcome (1986)
Welcome 1986 poster.jpeg
Genre: Comedy
Photography: Color
Running Time: 10 minutes
Country: Soviet Union
Release Date: December 25, 1986 (Russia)
March 14, 1987 (USA)
Directed by: Alexei Karayev
Written by: Yuriy Koval
Starring: Anatoliy Barantsev
Aleksey Borzunov
Yuriy Volyntsev
Lyudmila Gnilova
Evgeniy Leonov
Klara Rumyanova

Welcome is a 1986 Soviet animated short film and based on Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose.


A friendly moose lets an insect hitch a ride on his antlers. But the moose is soon taken advantage of, as more and more forest creatures (including a bear!) take up residence in his antlers. How can the moose get rid of these unwanted guests?

Why It Rocks

  1. Brilliant animation.
  2. Likable characters.
  3. Good plot.
  4. Decent editing.
  5. Stunning voice acting.
  6. Well-done music.
  7. This film has a pretty well-done based on the book.
  8. Great English dub.


This film currently hold 7.7/10 on IMDb.


  • in The Third Animation Celebration: The Movie, The English dub was here under the title Welcome!.

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