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Shazam! is a 2019 superhero film based on the DC Comics hero Captain Marvel/Billy Batson. It is the "second" entry of the Worlds of DC series.

Why It Rocks

  1. The film has a consistent tone with plenty of humor and heart.
  2. Billy Batson is an interesting character who is an orphan who is a troublemaker who just wants to be able to see his mom again. When he does turn into a superhero, it provides the interesting conflict of him not being able to use his powers properly and he ends up using them to show off, and eventually learns to use his powers for good and not just fame and to accept his new family.
  3. The Vasquez Family are great supporting characters, especially Freddy Freeman who gets the most focus out of all of them and is a great 'manager' for Billy since he knows a lot about superheroes.
  4. Extremely faifthful to the New 52 Shazam comics which have been well received.
  5. Hilarious comedy, such as the power testing scenes that are similar to the likes of the ones in the first Spider-Man movie, and it's a nice breath of fresh air for the DCEU which is known for being dark and grim.
  6. While the movie has many references to the DCEU, none of them are intrusive to the plot of the movie and some of them allow for great comedy moments.
  7. Dr. Sivana is an entertaining villian with a great performance by Mark Strong.
  8. Plenty of great callbacks to films in the 80s.
  9. It embraces the goofiness of superheroes and makes fun of it, with Billy not being able to say Shazam with a straight face.
  10. Effective CGI with the Seven Deadly Sins which feel like a callback to the effects in the Ghostbusters films and Captain Marvel (Or Shazam)'s powers.
  11. The scene where Billy jumps off the roof, yells "SHAZAM", and flies off is a very powerful and cool moment.
  12. The Rock of Eternity looks fantastic.
  13. The action is effective and the third act is actually memorable and has an interesting twist that keeps it from getting stale like most DCEU third acts are.

Bad Quality

  1. The cinematography, while good, can look bland at times.