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Dmehus (talkcontribs)

Hi Jeff,

I'm a Miraheze Steward, and I have overturned your global lock by Raidarr, a Global Sysop, for a few reasons. For one thing, I don't feel there was sufficient, if any, cause for a global lock. Threatening to abuse user accounts policy, a global policy, is not the same as actually abusing the global policy. That being said, you [rfc:2119 should] review user accounts policy, ensure you comply with it, and ask any pertinent questions that are unclear. With regard to your comments, while your comments are either inflammatory or uncivil, they were, in many respects, expected behaviour by a user being blocked for reasons that have not been clearly articulated to them. Thus, I am requesting DarkMatterMan4500 and/or Raidarr, as local administrators either (a) unblock you on affected wikis or (b) restore your user talk page access on both wikis so you can properly appeal your local blocks. If the latter, I strongly advise that you promise to abide by local policies, use clear edit summaries when making BOLD edits, and not use user accounts policy.


DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)

@Dmehus I did warn this user for the inappropriate comments, but he was quite rude to me outright.

Dmehus (talkcontribs)

DarkMatterMan4500, nevertheless, that's expected behaviour where the user does not understand the reason(s) for their block. I would suggest instead assuming good faith, not being BITEy, and guiding the user, and explaining the terms under which you will unblock them. If they agree to those terms, then you can unblock them, until such time as they resume the problematic behaviour. :)

Raidarr (talkcontribs)

Review is acknowledged, and my consideration of the line to act is adjusted accordingly. Frankly, the nature of the edits including these with contentious inflammatory content, then adding entirely off topic material and an issue DMM reported to me regarding this edit (SocialProfile is problematic, this link shows the accurate content) lead me to see no particular value in humoring presence further and subverting the usual assumptions of good faith following the below conversation topic. There is frustration and then there is another form of BITE pertaining to users who have little interest in civil growth, and I detected the latter.

But especially with regard to this follow up and request, I have unlocked talk page access to permit local appeal on both wikis and see his response.