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The reason I ask is because the movie has been well known for it's humor, a lot of famous quotes from the movie, it helped solidify the career of Jim Carrey, it's a funny movie to watch with friends and family, it has a cult following in the years since it was released almost 25 years ago, the characters Harry and Lloyd are both funny and memorable characters unlike it's sequel and prequel of them, the stuff that happens around Lloyd and Harry is funny, the sub-plot of the bad guy and his goons trying to catch the two is funny, the scene of the song Mockingbird is funny, it has positive reviews and a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, and its just such a fun and great movie that started a trend of buddy road trip movies for awhile and is still to this day a great movie to remember about.<ac_metadata title="May the movie Dumb and Dumber be added onto here."> </ac_metadata>