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Oh yes. I just finished reviewing his contributions on Crappy Games wikia. Appropriate blocks, nice deletion log, good job as impartial content mod (it seems to me that you don't like swearing; that's great) and friendly user overall who cares about wikis as peaceful environments. What I appreciated the most is that on Crappy Games you started working as a sysop as soon as you were given the rights. Good, good. I think I'll skip checking Awesome Games, I saw enough.

You clearly are a patroller and that is just what this wiki needs. Also, we need a nice bunch of admins to rise the chance that at least one user who can block people is on-line at anytime.

As for the fact that you aren't an admin on Awful Movies wikia, I saw that you weren't editing there a lot but I can't blame you because that wiki is rather unattractive.

Allright, you're recruited. I suggest you to search for demented comments that must be deleted, for starters; although you probably don't need this advice, do you:)?