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I Guess You're Right This Time. But 'OH!' I Have My Favorite Wikis That They Never Closed Down Like Them! Here Are.... 1. Sonic News Network Wiki 2. Grand Theft Auto Wiki 3. Call Of Duty Wiki 4. Villians Wiki 5. Heroes Wiki 6. Thomas & Friends Wiki 7. Alternate Timeline Wiki 8. Wookieepedia (Star Wars Wiki) 9. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Wiki 10. Bioshock Wiki 11. Wikipedia 12. Pixar Wiki 13. World Of Cars Wiki 14. Disney Wiki. 15. DC Wiki 16. Marvel Wiki 17. Fallout Wiki 18. Happy Tree Friends Wiki 19. Mafia Wiki 20. L.A. Noire 21. GoAnimate Wiki 22. Final Destination

That's All. That's A lot Of Em! Pretty Cool! ;)<ac_metadata title="Masson Thief "No, don't worry, FANDOM will be fine even without our wikis. Unfortunately.""> </ac_metadata>