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Came back. Honestly... I liked it. The plot is barebones and rather predictable, but Venom as a character was surprisingly solid and entertaining, the whole Eddie-Symbiote dynamic was well done, and the earlier build up parts weren't boring. I thought the movie was yet another desperate attempt to launch a movie universe at first but there weren't any obnoxious sequel baits screaming "We're planning a cinematic universe" like in Batman v Superman, it was strictly a Venom movie before anything and it gets the job done at that. 

BUT, I can still agree to it being in Awful movies for three main reasons:

  • Venom doesn't show up until the halfway point and when he's on-screen it's always night time so it can be kinda hard to see the big black monster in the dark. To be fair though, he does get a good amount of screen time after the first appearance.
  • The movie CLEARLY wants to be R rated but it's stuck at PG-13. The opening scene sets a sci-fi thriller vibe and it was actually quite promising but it doesn't quite follow up, there are many scenes that were cleary meant to have blood and gore but there's always a hard cut and Venom bites off his victim's heads off-screen. 
  • The villain SUUCKEED!!  It was just an evil Symbiote planning to bring the whole Symbiote race to Earth and Venom only stopped him because he wanted Earth for himself.