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Unnamedgoon wrote:
Grand Albert wrote:
Unnamedgoon wrote:
Typical comedy movie plot
I am not lying, if it is the Juggernaut that is going to be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be quite the bull-scutter, let us hope it is only in this movie that he is characterized this way to support the humoristic plot. By the way, since Juggernaut is my favourite Marvel character, I have an action figure of him, do you want me to introduce him to you?
There's no need, I already saw your other message telling his story.

I remember seeing him in for the first time in one of those Marvel arcade fighting games and thinking he was really cool.

I always found it weird how his Portuguese name translates to "fanatic". Is there any reason behind this? Like, does he fanatically follow Cyttorak or something?

Uhhh... Those games drive me crazy... Anyway, I meant introduce to you my action figure, here he is

. Juggernaut, these are Unnamedgoon, TyrantRex and Masson Thief, Unnamedgoon, TyrantRex and Masson Thief, this is Juggernaut.

Anyway #2, how is he called exactly in Portuguese? He does not follow Cyttorak at all, though. He is a normal man who casually found out Cyttorak's power, with no mystic knowledge at all, after all, he just use his power to try to put Xavier and the X-Men six feet under. Think that I heard that one time, in the comics, Cyttorak got angry because Juggernaut did not use the power to do his biddings so he had him kidnapped by other avatars of him and it took the combined force of Spider-Man and some other super-body to rescue him. Oh and I recently found out on the site I Iinked to TyrantRex that Juggernaut once was trapped by Cyttorak in his dimension and he managed to escape by delivering Cyttorak a colossal punch that knocked him out cold. In Italy he is called "Fenomeno", which in English means "Phenomenon", as you probably could tell.