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As long as it is not over used and not against other users unless they are not vandals or the like. Also, a page about the first movie ever? That's my job! I will do it immediately; I was thinking about writing it since very long time, but never made it because of the unsteady state the wiki was. Oh and I like Masson Thief's first draft of the rules and the rating thing.

One thing I must suggest is that admins have to use some common sense, though, because with the many zounderkites that are on the internet, it is always possible that complete rubbish movies have a very high rating because of people who give them a high score without having seen them for stupid reason, like it happens on IMDB. For example, Thor 2011 was on this wiki for its ratings on the net, but many people gave negative comments and the entire page was a plagiarism of the wikipedia page so I deleted it. Speaking of that, let's put this rule, too:

  1. Do not make a pages that are complete plagiarism of Wikipedia or other sites with just a few weak undetailed "Why It Rocks" pointers just to put a movie here because you like it. Be creative in writing your pages.

That happened here and I already deleted two plagiarised pages and that can even be more of them.