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TyrantRex wrote:
  • Usually you're supposed to warn the user at least once in their message wall then if they insist they get blocked. That way they can't say they weren't warned

I realized I put the rule saying "breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in ONE warning" before the ones talking about vandalism while I stated that vandalism will immediately earn a block without warning. It is because that's what I do on my wiki since vandals there vandalize pages with extreme coarse language as soon as they join the wiki.

If the both of you think that vandals too should be warned once before being permablocked, I will change it.

Grand Albert wrote:

One thing I must suggest is that admins have to use some common sense, though, because with the many zounderkites that are on the internet, it is always possible that complete rubbish movies have a very high rating because of people who give them a high score without having seen them for stupid reason, like it happens on IMDB.

What about this suggestion? I saw that on Crappy Games Wikia there are a few exceptions to the required rating rule. But how we could state this in the rule?