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Well, he can surely do that if he likes to, no problem with that. I'll see how it works and maybe I will adopt that M.O. too. About the warning, I agree. I stated it in my sixth point earlier, see?

As for that issue on Crappy Games Wikia perhaps I didn't explain myself properly, what I wanted to ask was if it is a common use in these wikis to let people defend themselves on their message walls because if it is we may just make it a rule here too, since this one is edited by the same users and is kind of a "spin-off" of the two games wikis.

Of course I wasn't criticizing the block because a "self-centered page" was deleted and the user blocked, I saw that the game has an above 4.00 score on Gamefaqs and I wasn't suggesting in any way something like "freedom of speech" nonsense when making pages. That would have also been in contrast with the rules I wrote earlier.