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On a message wall on this wiki I talked about how the anonymous users throw a great offensive against us just while we were voting to ban anonymous users from editing and how it was the same as in the Strategy/RPG-ish flash game "Rebuild" where zombies attack your base in massive waves as soon as you begin to develope a way to neutralize them.

I then asked if someone else played it and Unnamedgoon said he never played it but I should introduce it to you since you like zombie stuff. You can find it by searching "rebuild flash game" with google, if you are interested but know that there is not actual combat in the game, ever, you assign tasks to various kinds of personnel, each with its unique skills, and see if you win the battle or not.

Generally, the game is fairly complex and is highly regarded, so I guess you could give it a try, if you like flash games, too.<ac_metadata title="Rebuild"> </ac_metadata>