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Unnamedgoon wrote:
I wonder, what made you be such a bigge fann of ye olde times?

I guess it has to do with DNA. When I was a child, I watched mainly old cartoons and Laurel and Hardy's shorts, then, in 2007, I began listening to Johnny Cash, thanks to the Xbox 360, and then I started to take interest in his predecessors whose songs he made cover. This way, I discovered 1924-1955 country music. Then, about three years ago, I tried to find out if there were some audio tracks available from before 1924. I was astonished and pleased to find a huge amount of them. I bet you can say Johnny Cash is responsible, after all has been said, because if I decided to inspect pre 1924 music it is still because he made a cover of the 1905 hits "Come Take a Trip in My Airship" and "Nobody".

I also like old times to escape the scuttery PC and SJWs balderdash of today. Sometimes, I feel actual physical uneasiness because of their idiocity. Also, speaking of old music, the playlist has reached audio file state. I am selecting the best versions from all the ones I have in my archive and placing them in a folder called "Playlist Unnamedgoon". Once finished, I will only have to make swift videos of them and upload them to YouTube, hoping the copyright varmints will not take them down. It only reaches 2006 and the songs are scarce from 1980 on, though.