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Hi, is this your IP adress? I figured it is since it did the same edits as you on the front page, though you weren't blocked when it appeared on the wiki. If it is, tell me and I will unblock it merely for the sake of justice.

Speaking of blocks, I noticed that maybe you made an alternate account when you were blocked, one called CoinyPinDonutBunch2. It is common policy on Wikis to only allow one account per user therefore I wanted to inform you that I have no choice but to block it indefinetely. Another reason is that this account will probably be left inactive and that would be dangerous for your internet security, since someone could easily snatch the password in the future.

On a side note, you may have noticed in one of our previous discussions that I completely emptied the "Wiki Cleanup" category as you requested. Just wanted to say that.<ac_metadata title="Block"> </ac_metadata>