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No, because the contact form send an E-mail to Fandom staff but I can just paste it here. Here it is:

Greetings, I am an admin on Greatest Movies Wikia and Awful Movies Wikia and I would like to have help with an ongoing vandal who keeps ruining these wikis and others that are part of our wiki network. This user started causing problems as anon and switching anonymous editing off unfortunately didn't help because he continues making accounts to vandalize our wikis and just won't stop. He recently also began insulting users but most importantly he created an hate wiki where he insults us and our wikis also using homophic slurs. I want this wiki closed and I really hope you'll globally block this user and his IPs since he is a problem on many wikis; dealing with him for so much time is stressing and takes time away from making regular editis on our wikis.

Here is the link to his hate wikia:

Here are the links to some of his sockpuppets (some of these were already recognized as socks by VSTF and these ones also vandalized multiple wikis):!!!!!!

Here are the links to his contributions on many wikis, his vandalism has been deleted so you have to check in the deleted contributions:

Here are his offensive edits to the profiles of two users, STUDENT\Trevor.Tuominen and VinyaSarenata. As you can see he adds the "Crazy Users" category to them:

I also attached a screenshot showing an example of what he made on his wiki. I really hope you will delete his offensive wiki and global ban him to prevent him from returning on our wikis.

That was the report. It looks way more tidy in the E-mail I sent.