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TyrantRex wrote: That wiki is the textbook example of an immature tantrum throwing.

Yes, but you know what? I am kinda satisfied to see him making that wiki. Of course I don't like at all that he posted hate pages about Trevor and LoudHouseFan but it proves that he is angry because he can't do a thing here anymore without being blocked after three minutes (I'm not joking, a week ago I blocked a sock of his after 3 minutes he created it thanks to the Auto-refresh log, he couldn't even do an edit with it).

Anyway, I sent the report. I put in it links to is contributions on this wikia, Afwul, Terrible Tv, Awesome Games and Better Movies; the link to his hate wikia with the screenshot of a typical page; the links to a bunch of his socks that were blocked by VSTF and a link to his offensive edits to Trevor's and Vinyasarenata's profiles.

I hope it will be enough.