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STUDENT\Trevor.Tuominen wrote:
Masson Thief needs to be bureaucrat on the first wiki mentioned here.

I see my popularity on Fandom rose up to the stars in no time after my votation to ban anons. I am flattered by this, but isn't Grust a bureaucrat on that wikia? He is a very good sysop and I think he will resolve the issue soon, if he hasn't already. Unnamedgoon is also an admincrat there and he is too a good sysop.

Anyway, I'm going to file a report that I'll send to Fandom staff. This user is responsible of cross-wiki vandalism, insults/harassment towards other users (you) and worst of all, he created a wikia where he made a hate page about you. Fandom staff doesn't like hate wikias at all because they breal their term of use. I was just waiting for something like this to happen, it was very stupid of him to do such a thing; I think now we got him, I feel Fandom staff will globally block him with these proofs.

Let's see... he vandalised this wikia, Afwul Movies, Awesome Games, Better Movies, Terrible TV Shows... are there any other? I want a complete list to present to Fandom Staff.