The Tingler (1959)

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The Tingler (1959)
Genre: Horror
Science Fiction
Starring: Vincent Price
Judith Evelyn
Darryl Hickman
Patricia Cutts
Philip Coolidge
Release Date: 1959
Country: United States

The Tingler is a 1959 horror, thriller, suspense, drama, science fiction, monster film.  It was directed and produced by William Castle, written by Robb White, musically composed by Von Dexter, filmed by Wilfred M. Cline, edited by Chester W. Schaeffer, distributed by Columbia Pictures, and starred Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman, Patricia Cutts, and Philip Coolidge.

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing performance, like aways, from horror legend Vincent Price.  
  2. Back when the film was originally released in 1959, the director and producer, William Castle, made the movie interactive in the theaters. He was well known for this, but this one was probably his most well known case. Every now and then the movie would stop and encourage the audience to scream, sometimes even turning off the lights in the room. In addition to that, he'd have people in costume go out an disturb the audience, and even put buzzers in the seats to give the sensation that the Tingler was on them.  
  3. Incredibly unique and creative story, even by today's standards.  
  4. There's a scene with the doctor drugging a woman, and because she's muste and deaf, she isn't able to scream, which was pretty shocking for its time.  
  5. The black and white look helps to make the film more creepy.  
  6. During the drugging scene there was a color sequence, despite the fact that the rest of the movie was in black and white, which looked pretty cool.


The Tingler has a has a 71% critic rating and a 66% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 3.4/5 on Letterboxd, and a 6.7/10 on the International Movie Database (IMDB).


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