The Thief and the Cobbler - The Recobbled Cut

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The Thief and the Cobbler - The Recobbled Cut
The Thief and the Cobbler.jpg
Genre: Animated
Starring: Vincent Price
Sara Crowe
Anthony Quayle
Sean Connery (Only one line)
Release Date: 2006
Country: United Kingdom
United States

The Thief and the Cobbler - The Recobbled Cut is a Canadian/British/American fanedit of the 1993 fantasy animated film, The Thief and the Cobbler, which was directed, co-written and co-produced by late Canadian animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit). The editing project began in 2006 by Garrett Gilchrist, a filmmaker, artist, and fan of Williams' work.

The edit was made in as high quality as possible by combining different sources that were available at the time, such as a heavily compressed copy of Williams' workprint and better-quality footage from the Japanese DVD of Arabian Knight (the name Miramax released the film under). It garnered support from different people who worked on the film (with the exception of Williams himself). This included Roy Naisbitt, Alex Williams, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn, Tony White, Holger Leihe, Simon Maddocks, Neil Boyle, and Steve Evangelatos. Many of these people lent rare material for the project. Minor changes were made to "make it feel more like a finished film", such as adding more music and replacing some of the storyboards with some of the animation under Fred Calvert. Some scenes, such as the wedding ending, had to be redrawn frame by frame by Gilchrist due to flaws in the footage. Gilchrist described this as the most complex independent restoration of a film ever undertaken.

Why it Rocks

  1. Amazing animation for its time.
  2. The plot is very decent for its time, and appealing to those who like tight plots.
  3. The soundtrack matches the film perfectly since it takes place in Saudi Arabia.
  4. The characters are pretty likable.
  5. The outdated look of the film is justified as the production of the film started at 1964.
  6. The backgrounds also match the film perfectly.
  7. Even the unfinished scenes look awesome.


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