The Snowman (1982)

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The Snowman (1982)
The Snowman poster.jpg
We're walking in the air... we're floating in the moonlit sky...
Genre: Children's television film
Release Date: December 26, 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Sequel: The Snowman and the Snowdog

The Snowman is an animated television film based on Raymond Briggs' 1978 picture book The Snowman. It was directed by Dianne Jackson for the British public service Channel 4. It was first shown on 26 December 1982 and was an immediate success. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and won a BAFTA TV Award.


Before the story begins, the quote of a man walking past through a forest and he says.

"I remember that winter because it had brought the heaviest snow I had ever seen. The snow had fallen steadily all night long and in the morning I woke in a room filled with light and silence, the whole world seemed to be held in a dream-like stillness. It was a magical day... and it was on that day I made The Snowman."

The story begins with a boy named James, wakes up from his bed and he saw snowflakes coming from the sky and even snow on the ground. and he ran outside to play, he built a snowball and accidentally throw the ball into the window, almost break the window, and he almost got in trouble. and he decided to build a snowman and he built it that night, but it was time to got to bed.

But in the middle of the night, He wakes up and he witnesses a Snowman, became alive. and they both went inside, and they played quietly at his home. at outside, they decided to give a ride a motorcycle and disturbing an owl and many rabbits. they get got back, Its engine heat affects the insides of the Snowman's thighs, and he cools off in the freezer. Later on, they take flight over James's village, then the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Palace Pier, and then out over the ocean and north along the coast of Norway. and the whale suddenly appears and splashed all over James. and they finally made it to the North Pole, and they meet the other Snowmans and Santa Claus, and they all start a party.

And James, Snowman and Santa Claus enter the sled house, and he pets the reindeers, but the night suddenly turns into dawn. and they have to get back home before it gets morning, and James said goodbye to the snowman with a hug, and James went back to sleep. later, James suddenly wakes up in shocked and he runs outside to check on Snowman........sadly The Snowman was being melted and he was gone, and he was very sad, and he gives out his Snowman scarf from Santa, and he kneels alone in heart-wrenching the loss of his beloved friend.

Why It Rocks

  1. The animation is pretty excellent, also, making into almost look like 3D or CGI animated looking graphics in the early 1980s standards.
  2. The scene where James and The Snowman flying in the sky to the North Pole is pretty relaxing and pretty awesome.
  3. Pretty likable characters, like The Snowman itself, and James as well.
  4. Lots of fun moments, such as riding the bike, dancing in the North Pole with the other Snowmans.
  5. The soundtrack is beautiful that was performed by Howard Blake, also the song "We're walking in the air" was pretty beautiful also.
  6. Good direction by Dianne Jackson.


  • James and The Snowman would make a cameo in the 1991 film Father Christmas.
  • Since 2002, The Snowman is distributed by Universal Pictures for DVD releases despite the film being distributed for Channel 4.