The Proud Family Movie

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The Proud Family Movie
Proud Family Movie.jpg
This is the perfect way to put an end to the best show we've ever seen in our lives.
Genre: Entertainment
Family Entertainment
Series finale
TV Movie
Directed By: Bruce W. Smith
Produced By: Jambalaya Studio
Written By: Calvin Brown, Jr.
Ralph Farquhar
John Patrick White
Stiles White
Based On: The Proud Family
Starring: Kyla Pratt
Tommy Davidson
Paula Jai Parker
Jo Marie Payton
Tara Strong
Orlando Brown
Soleil Moon Frye
Jeff Bennett
Alisa Reyes
LisaRaye McCoy
Arsenio Hall
Distributed By: Buena Vista Television
Release Date: August 19, 2005
Runtime: 91 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Franchise: The Proud Family

The Proud Family Movie is a Disney Channel Original Movie based on the Disney Channel animated series, The Proud Family. It premiered on August 19, 2005 and was the finale to the show’s original run.


It's Penny Proud's 16th birthday, and she is excited for herself and her friends to be part of Fifteen Cent's dance group, due to the fact that he's Sticky's cousin. However, when Fifteen drives her home, her father, Oscar Proud, gets mad when he finds them kissing. He grounds Penny indefinitely and cancels her birthday, after which Penny outrageously resents him as her father.

Oscar manages to create a serum that could make his Proud Snacks tastier but it instead causes the snack to expand and explode. As he is hauled away, he protests that his formula has no expiration date, which is overheard by Dr. Carver, who has been trying to create an army of humanoid peanuts but never got his formula stabilized and plots to get it. Disguising himself, Carver invites the Proud family to Legome Island. Trudy forces Oscar and Penny to go, hoping they will bond. Upon arrival, the Prouds meet the G-nomes, dwarf-sized creatures made from peanuts.

Carver tries to negotiate obtaining the formula from Oscar but when he refused, he reveals he has created peanut clones of his family from DNA snatched from them while they were partying. Oscar runs away and tries explaining to his family but they don't believe him. Meanwhile, the clones get a mix-up when the real Penny comes with them back to the mainland to search for the formula, while her clone remains with the original family. Penny soon enjoys the free life, which the clones allowed her, but gets tired of it soon enough.

At that moment mysterious Cashew leads the Prouds and the Penny clone on a perilous journey to the other side of the island, saying there is someone who can answer their questions. Along the way, the Penny clone proves to be the kind of daughter Oscar desires—obedient. When they meet the person the Cashew wanted them to meet, he turns out to be Dr. Carver, who explains that he created a clone of himself out of a peanut. Unfortunately, the clone went sizzling crisp in the sun one day and turned to evil. Donning a disguise of his original form, the clone took over the island and the Cashews, turning Carver's peanut research for evil. Oscars realizes his formula is the key and tells the family he had left it in a locket for Penny's birthday, which she opened back home. Her clone informs the other clones, who take the formula. Penny gathers her friends to go back to Legome and rescue her family. Unfortunately, the Carver clone is set to bring his peanut soldier army to conquer the world and had already left. The original gives Penny a container of gas that could instantly turn solid peanuts into peanut butter. Just as Penny was on the verge of releasing the gas, the clone offers her the free life—without rules or responsibilities. However, Penny retorts that her family is looking out for her and unleashes the gas, foiling the clone's plot. Penny and her friends then end the movie with a song.

Why It Rocks

  1. This film stays faithful to its source material.
  2. The entire Proud Family, the original cast, and antagonists are memorable.
  3. A decent and exciting storyline.
  4. The evil clone of Dr. Marcus Garvey Carver II was a decent and intimidating antagonist. His musical number is also spot-on for a villain song.
  5. The dance-off battle scene between Penny's gang vs the Peanut creatures is cool.
  6. A few understandable moments.
    • Penny's desire for making her own decision is understandable, while all Oscar wanted was to keep her safe and have an obedient daughter.
    • The scene where Penny mistakens her family for lookalike clones created by the fake Carver II while her real family mistakes the fake Penny for the real one is also understandable due to each side being lookalikes.
  7. Aside from the fake Carver II's song, the other musical numbers are cool, with the last one being the greatest example (the one where Penny and her friends perform with Fifteen Cent's band at the stadium).
  8. The last battle scene was thrilling, exciting, and fun, along with the defeat of the fake Carver II.
  9. Penny and Oscar make up later on.
  10. Oscar demands Suga Mama to give him respect for once because he was getting sick of how she has been treating him.
  11. The epilouge scene is also funny (Puff, Suga Mama's poodle grows gigiantic from drinking an energy drink created by Oscar and destroys half of the town until Suga Mama puts an end to it by drinking some herself and growing).

Bad Qualities

  1. Though Dr. Carver II's clone was a decent but intimidating villain, he was one of those generic villains with a tragic backstory that causes him to find a way to seek revenge and plan to take over the world.
  2. The scenes where Penny and Oscar argue can get annoying, depending on your view, despite either side could be taken because all Oscar wanted was a daughter who could obey and respect him while all Penny wanted was to make her own decisions because she turned 16.
    • Speaking of Oscar, he was a bit unlikeable as he tends to be very overbearing by refusing to let Penny go to the dance off hosted by Fifteen Cent (Sticky's cousin), and when she did by sneaking out, going in the dance, and getting caught with Cent in his van by Oscar when he noticed it being in front of his house, he gives Penny the worse punishment by grounding her, cancelling her birthday, and tried to forbid her from growing up and becoming an adult when he can't do that because everybody turns from children to adults(even Trudy had the mind to point it out by saying Oscar was being unreasonable).


The Proud Family Movie was initially set to be released as a direct-to-video film, but was instead theatrically on August 19, 2005 by Warner Bros. Pictures, and received mainly mixed to negative reviews from critics. It earned over $89 million worldwide on its $60 million budget, and was a box office bomb.


  1. This was said to be the series finale of The Proud Family, but since the show will get rebooted, it won't be.
  2. There is no telling if the reboot will follow up from the events of this film.
  3. Penny is now allowed to make her own decisions and has a license.
  4. There is also no telling if Suga Mama will keep treating Oscar like how he did throughout the series and in the beginning of the film before the scene where Oscar demanded for her to give him respect.


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