The Muppets (2011)

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"Life's a happy song when there's someone by my side to sing along."

The Muppets is a 2011 American musical comedy film and the seventh theatrical film featuring the Muppets.


Devoted fan Walter, his brother Gary, and Gary's girlfriend Mary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, as they must raise $10 million to save their studio from Tex Richman, a businessman who plans to demolish the studio to drill for oil.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a touching send up to the Muppets and a brutally honest depicton of how they're seen today.
  2. Mix of nostalgia and new elements.
  3. Funny and hilarious moments.
  4. Catchy songs. Most notably Life's a Happy Song and the iconic Rainbow Connection.
  5. The puppetry and characteristics of the Muppets is executed very well.
  6. It has a great balance between humor and emotional moments.
  7. It also has a great mix between old source material with new source material.
  8. Plenty of old Muppet characters that had not been seen in years were rebuilt for the film.
  9. Walter is an endearing character.
  10. Amazing visuals that makes the Muppets look like their alive.

Bad Quality

  1. The gross-out scene with Fozzie Bear wearing "fart shoes". (To be fair though that was meant to be a parody of poor jokes.)