The Incredibles

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The Incredibles
Genre: Action
Photography: Color
Running Time: 115 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 5, 2004
Directed by: Brad Bird
Written by: Brad Bird
Distributed by: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Starring: Craig T. Nelson
Holly Hunter
Sarah Vowell
Spencer Fox
Jason Lee
Samuel L. Jackson
Elizabeth Peña
Next film: Incredibles 2

The Incredibles is a computer-animated superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, produced by Pixar Animation.

Bird, who was Pixar's first outside director, developed the film as an extension of the 1960s comic books and spy films from his boyhood and personal family life. He pitched the film to Pixar after the box office disappointment of his first feature, The Iron Giant (1999), and carried over much of its staff to develop The Incredibles.


In the alternate universe in 1962, the film follows a family of superheroes who are forced to hide their powers and live a quiet suburban life. Mr. Incredible's desire to help people draw the entire family into a battle with a former fan who now plots to wipe out all superheroes with his killer robot.

Why It Rocks

  1. The film gives a unique twist on the superhero genre; rather than a film that's simply about explosions, lasers, and a superhero trying to save the world from a villain, it's a film about a family of superheroes that also goes in-depth with what they do when they're not superheroes.
  2. It deals with serious subjects such as midlife crisis, marital dysfunction, and child neglect.
  3. Great animation, especially for the time the film was made.
  4. Great voice acting.
  5. Exciting and fast paced action scenes.
  6. Bob's desperate desire to be a superhero once more is an excellent allegory to someone going through a middle-age crisis.
    • At the same time this shows that Bob is more interested in being a hero to do good, unlike Syndrome who only wanted to be a hero for the fame and glory.
  7. The film has great humor, even poking fun at how supervillains have the need to monologue. There are also very funny quotes, such as when Dash says "We're dead! We survived, but we're dead!".
  8. The characters are likable and believable, notably the Parrs, who might be a superhero family but can also be very relatable as a normal family.
  9. A great musical score, especially the theme song.
  10. Syndrome is an excellent villain who is entertaining and has an interesting backstory. He is also threatening. His death is also one of the most brutal Pixar deaths, as he gets caught in a turbine, and the way he gets caught is a decent reminder of Edna Mode's "no capes" policy.
  11. The Underminer's reveal is great, and it makes the viewers wonder what will happen next in the sequel.
  12. The scene where Frozone is looking for his supersuit is hilarious, and has become a popular moment in the film.
  13. Jack Jack gaining powers is a surprising twist, and this is explored further in the DVD extra short Jack-Jack Attack and in the sequel.

Bad Qualities

  1. The scene where Edna points out the deaths of all the superheroes that had capes can be a bit dark for its target audience.
  2. The scene where Elastigirl looks at her bottom in the mirror and sighs can be inappropriate for younger audiences.
  3. It spawned two bad video games.


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