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The Adventures of André and Wally B.

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The Adventures of André and Wally B.
The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. Poster.jpeg
Pixar's first ever short film before Toy Story, and other Pixar feature films.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Alvy Ray Smith
Written By: Alvy Ray Smith (concept)
Distributed By: Lucasfilm
Release Date: July 25, 1984 (Original SIGGRAPH premiere, unfinished)
August 17, 1984 (Toronto International Animation Festival, completed)
Country: United States
Sequel: Luxo Jr.

The Adventures of André and Wally B. (or simply André & Wally B.) is a 1984 computer-animated short film that was groundbreaking by the standards of the time and helped spark the film industry's interest in computer animation. The film was produced by The Graphics Group, then a division of Lucasfilm, which was later renamed Pixar Animation Studios before being spun off as a separate company on February 3, 1986. The film was released on July 25, 1984, at SIGGRAPH in Minneapolis as unfinished, and then, August 17, 1984, at Toronto International Animation Festival as completed.


The short involves a boy named André awakening in a forest and being confronted by a pesky bee named Wally B. André tricks the bee into turning his back so that he can run away. Angered, Wally B. chases André and eventually catches up with him, and strikes with the stinger. A collision occurs off-screen and a dizzy Wally B. reappears with a bent stinger. Shortly, Wally B. gets hit by André's tossed hat as the last laugh.

Why It Rocks

  1. It was Pixar's (or The Graphics Group's) first-ever short film and first film, and yet it surprisingly still holds up to this day. It helped to start the studio on a high note.
  2. Simple but nice looking CGI animation, it was even groundbreaking for 1984 standards, the characters are very expressive and even have facial features, when, at the time, the CGI consisted of blocky models going up and down.
  3. André is a pretty funny character, as he runs away whenever Wally B is there and even has similarities with Disney's mascot Mickey Mouse himself.
  4. Great musical score.
  5. The plot is excellent, even for the first CGI short film.
  6. The humor is hilarious, as it uses the exact same humor as the original shorts from Disney.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although great at its time, the animation has aged pretty badly: it looks like a Playstation game.
  2. The fact that Wally B. has a stinger even though he is supposed to be a male bee is really confusing and pretty inaccurate.



  • This is by far the shortest Pixar short, running at a total of 1 minute and 54 seconds.
  • The original title was "My Breakfast with André," and it was about waking up with an android.
  • The short was paired in select theatrical releases with Toy Story in 1995, but for some reason, it was not included on that film's home media releases.
  • This film was not technically made by Pixar as it was created when they were known as the Lucasfilm Computer Division before the company got formed in 1986.

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