Summer Wars

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Summer Wars
Genre: Slice of Life
Science Fiction
Photography: Color
Running Time: 114 Minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: August 1, 2009
Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Written by: Mamoru Hosoda
Distributed by: Warner Brothers Pictures
Starring: Nanami Sakuraba
Ryunosuke Kamiki
Sumiko Fuji
Mitsuki Tanimura
Previous film: The Digimon Movie (spiritual)
Next film: N/A

Summer Wars is a 2009 slice of life, comedy, drama, family, science fiction, Japanese anime movie.  It was directed and written by Mamoru Hosoda, storyboarded by Satoko Okudera, musically composed by Akihiko Matsumoto, cinematography by Yukihiro Matsumoto, edited by Shigeru Nishiyama, distribhuted by Warner Brothers Pictures Japan, produced by Takuya Ito, Nozomu Takahashi, Yuichiro Saito, Takafumi Watanabe, and Studio Madhouse, and it starred Nanami Sakuraba, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Sumiko Fuji, and Mitsuki Tanimura.  

Why It Rocks

  1. Incredible animation.  
  2. Really heartwarming movie about sticking together and appreciating those in your life.  It's message is about how important family is.  
  3. Very appealing art style and character designs.  
  4. Math nerd visits his crush's family is blackmailed to be her boyfriend, and then has to save the world with Maths!...Some weekend.  This movie has one of the craziest families ever depicted in fiction.  
  5. Excellent soundtrack.  
  6. The entire cast of characters are incredibly likable, sympathetic, interesting, and entertaining, and their familial relationship together is very engrossing.  
  7. Good voice acting in both sub and dub.  
  8. Despite being a retread of The Digimon Movie, most agree that it is a huge enhancement and improvement over the aforementioned film.  
  9. Great pacing.  
  10. Mamoru Hosoda does an amazing job of using its science fiction virtual reality concept to tell his story about family.  

Bad Qualities

  1. While the movie is good, it's basically just a retread of Mamoru Hosoda's first movie, The Digimon Movie.  Same plot, same general personalities for the characters, and same messages.  
  2. While the concept is interesting, it is inherently flawed.  Oz is a poor representation of how the internet actually functions.  The reason is because in real life we will never have one singular system that controls everything in the world like Oz does.  Nations and corporations have way too much pride and greed for such a thing to ever truly exist.  


Summers Wars as a 77% critic rating and an 88% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 3.7/5 on Letterboxd, a 7.6/10 on the International Movie Database (IMDB), an 8.22/10 on MyAnimeList, an 82.93% community approval rating on Kitsu, and a 4.1/5 on AnimePlanet.