Return To Oz

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Return To Oz is an American dark fantasy movie, it is a unofficial sequel to the MGM movie The Wizard Of Oz and unlike the original movie, this sequel was distributed by Disney.


Dorothy returns to Oz and must save Oz and the scarecrow, with the help of her new friends.

Why it Rocks

  1. Despite not being a official sequel it does a nice job following the original.
  2. Great acting, Dorothy was now acted by an age appropriate girl unlike in the original classic.
  3. Great claymation effects.
  4. The plot is very interesting.
  5. the CGI for the Gump looks pretty good.
  6. The Nome king (While not as entertaining as the wicket witch from the west) is still a interesting villian.
  7. It faithfully follows both the Ozma of oz and the marvelous land of oz.
  8. Great puppetry for the new characters.
  9. The ending is very heartwarming, Dorothy decides to stay in Kansas, and Ozma tells her that she can visit Oz whenever she wants.
  10. Great costume design.
  11. Princes's Momby's effects are very good.
  12. The new characters are likable.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unlike the original which was a colorful charming musical, this one was reduced to almost a dark horror movie.
  2. Some scary moments for a kids film, like Dorothy strapped on a bed for an electroshock therapy, the wheelers (which are similar to the flying monkeys in the original), Princess Mombi can switch her heads and the gnome king's demonic form.
  3. While not bad the puppet's don't move they're lips when they talk.
  4. It was a box office bomb and it got bad Rotten Tomatoes scores despite having good reviews.
  5. The poster is a little misleading. As the Scarecrow, Tinman and The Cowardly Lion only appear in the end.
  6. Not as great or any better than the as original classic but it's still a enjoyable film and way better than the tv special of the same name.


Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics Only holding a 52% on rotten tomatoes and being a box office bomb, the audience score is 71% and was still considered a decent film and it got a cult following.


  • This was the only movie to be directed by Walter Murch.