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Requests for Comment

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Requests for Comment exist to make official changes to the core policy and structure of Greatest Movies Wiki's policy. If they are successful, any applicable rules will be updated. If there are no clear rules, the RfC itself can be cited. If they are evenly split, it means that the topic is divisive and no community judgement can be reached. Depending on context, the Wiki leadership should make the least divisive or damaging decision, even if that means dropping the issue. Naturally, if nobody likes the idea or there is majority clear opposition, the proposal does not pass.

Blogs and Discussions do not count as policy. At most, staff may use blogs to share their intentions, but anything binding must be done this way or policy page.

Requests for Comment are not for everything. See:

  • The blogs feature to make an opinion article to discuss, or an announcement
  • The discussion tab of a local page to discuss that page, and minor changes to it (major ones should use RfC)
  • Either of above, chat or discord for anything that isn't serious in nature

Any user can make a Request for Comment. They should follow the style and layout of previous ones. The RfC should discuss something important, and anything too trivial or malformed will be directed to its proper place and/or corrected, and either way likely removed. You can add your RfC to this list. However, breaking this page or changing the top contents as a user is not allowed. Use the Discussion tab to discuss changes to this page or system.

To create a request for comment, type in a subpage name and click "New Proposal".

Current and previous requests

Requests for Comment are placed in their own categories.

Category:Requests for Comment lists this page, an example to use and all open requests at this time. Category:Archived Requests for Comment entries been closed for whatever reason (clear majority, validity, and so on). Any new requests should enter the former.