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PollyWorld is a 2006 direct-to-video animated film from Universal Studios, based on the Polly Pocket toy line. It is the third film preceding Polly's First Movie (also known as Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse) and 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza, and the only one that is feature-lenght. Was released on DVD in November 14, 2006.


Polly Pocket and her four friends get to be part of their favorite TV show, 'Roll Like That', which puts teams of five through several challenges to win money for the charity of their choice.

As the challenges begin, however, Polly learns that her father is engaged to a woman called Lorelei, who secretly wants to get Polly out of the way. Polly and her friends also have to try to get past scheming Beth, who teams up with Lorelei to get Polly to be sent to borading school.

Faced with the prospect of losing everything she loves, her friends, family, and home, Polly decides to make this weekend the best ever.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good plot.
  2. Great voice acting.
  3. Awesome songs like 'Rock This Town' and the ending credits song 'Rock U Now'.
  4. We get to see the first time Polly's father John Pocket, who later returned on the 2018 Polly Pocket series, now as Mr. Pocket.
  5. Beth finally tastes his own medicine being humilated live on TV to tried take Polly's school popularity in the previous two films and in this movie, and teamed up with Lorelei to get sent Polly to boarding school, which John Pocket ends the engagement with Lorelei.

Bad Qualities

  1. Misleading title: was the only full-lenght Polly Pocket movie be made. No movies was made after PollyWorld.
  2. Lorelei is a bad woman who hated Polly which wanted sent her to boarding school.


The film deserves major kudos for incorporating a topic such as remarriage into the plot, but based on the questionable actions of Polly's stepmother, who isn't as nice as she pretends to be, parents in a new or impending marriage way want to view those parts first in order to evaluate whether this film might trigger some painful emotions in their own kids. Lacey Worrell, Pollyworld, DVDtalk.com


  • Ana from the previous two movies is replaced by Crissy in this movie, this is the first appearence of Crissy in a Polly Pocket animated media and also the only appearence of Crissy in a old Polly Pocket animated movie.

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