Muppets Most Wanted

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Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets most wanted.jpg
"My name first, then space bar, space bar, space bar, your name." - Constantine
Genre: Comedy
Children's film
Comedy music
Crime Fiction
Directed By: James Bobin
Produced By: David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Written By: James Bobin
Nicholas Stoller
Starring: Ricky Gervais
Ty Burrell
Tina Fey
Cinematography: Don Burgess
Distributed By: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release Date: March 21, 2014 (United States)
Runtime: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $51 million
Box Office: $80.4 million
Franchise: The Muppets
Prequel: The Muppets (2011)
Sequel: N/A

Muppets Most Wanted is a 2014 crime comedy movie, and a sequel to the 2011 Muppets movie.


While the Muppets go on a world tour, an evil double look a like of Kermit, Constantine, replaces him and sent him to the Gulag and the other Muppets have a feeling that something isn't right.

Why It Rocks

  1. It was the ONLY sequel, that the Muppets can tell it.
  2. The acting just like last time is great.
  3. The story itself is pretty interesting as it revolves around a case of someone replacing a person that's a look a like.
  4. The visual effects for the Muppets just like last time are great if not better than last time.
  5. The plot for Miss Piggy trying to marry Kermit is sweet.
  6. One of the first film's biggest problems, the film not focusing enough on Kermit and more on Walter, is fixed here.
  7. Great and unforgettable musical numbers like We're Doing a Sequel at the beginning.
  8. There are so many funny moments that can keep the creator entertained.
  9. The scene where Kermit tries to escape from the Gulag, but it's always caught by the guard, is very funny.
  10. The ending was pretty nice and heartwarming.
  11. The self-aware humor is well done like how the movie literally starts off with production finishing on the last movie before it kicks into We're Doing a Sequel.
  12. Constantine, while does suffer from a few flaws, is still an entertaining villain, as he manages to be both funny and a legitimate threat to the Muppets.
  13. The interactions between Sam and Jean are really entertaining, and the pair do have a good dynamic.
  14. The references to pop culture, while can be annoying, are actually pretty fun.
  15. Exciting climax.
  16. Like The Muppet Movie from 1979, and unlike the 2011 Muppets this film has an after credits scene with Fozzie Bear reminding the viewers: "You can go home now ma, the movie's over."

Bad Qualities

  1. It does suffer from a generic cop plot-line.
  2. Constantine, while not bad, does suffer from being a generic evil double and look-alike of Kermit.
  3. While the focus is put back onto Kermit, he doesn't get enough time with the gang, as he spends most of the movie in a gulag missing the Muppets.
  4. Despite their major roles in the previous film, Gary and Mary don't join the Muppets in this adventure and only appear with their backs on the camera, which is ridiculous given their importance towards Walter.


  • It spawned the Evil Kermit meme.





9 months ago
Score 5
This movie predicted Toy Story 4

Mr. Dready

7 months ago
Score 0

X9 The Android

5 months ago
Score 1
Mr. Dready, during "We're Doing a Sequel", Gonzo mentions that the studio waits for Tom Hanks to make Toy Story 4

Brian K. Tyler

one month ago
Score 0
Constantine generic? What about when proposed to Miss Piggy under his Kermit guise, then attempted to blow her up with an engagement ring that was actually a bomb? I thought that was a step past standard villainy.

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