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Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 drama comedy film starring Robin Williams and Sally Field. It's based on the novel Alias Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine.


A loving husband decides to disguise himself as an english Nanny to see his kids again and hide from his wife.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great acting especially from Robin Williams as Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire.
  2. Great humour that you will just not stop laughing.
  3. The special effect make-up used on Robin Williams is terrific, as he looks like an actual lady.
  4. The story is great with a nice message.
  5. Likable Characters, especially the main character Daniel.
  6. Great soundtrack especially Dude Looks Like A Lady By Aerosmith. Not to mention the part where he pretends to play a guitar with a broom became iconic.
  7. The scene where Daniel puts a cake on his face to hide his reveal from his wife is very funny.
  8. Good directing from Chris Columbus and editing by Raja Gosnell, with they're another collaboration along with Home Alone 1 & 2.
  9. The ending is nice with Daniel becoming Doubtfire as a television show host, and seeing his kids for more.
  10. The pacing is good.
  11. Great costumes.
  12. The scene where Daniel has to quickly change between himself and Doubtfire in a restaurant is very amazing and funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of the jokes are stupid like the scene where Daniel pees in the toilet dressed as Doubtfire, and his son tries to go to the toilet and gets scared.
  2. Some might find it way too similar to: Some Like It Hot.
  3. The movie does have a unnecessarily long running time 2 hours and 5 minutes, with end credits.
  4. The swearing caused this to be a pg-13 rated movie.
  5. Some innapropiate jokes which can be offensive nowadays. Especially the scene in which Daniel vocally impersonates a transwoman during one of his many calls to Miranda and she immediately hangs up in horror. Today, such joke would tick Miranda as transphobic, intolerant and retrograde.


  • Originally, a sequel was planned but was cancelled after Robin Williams died.




Mr. Dready

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I need to admit, it's not as good as Some Like It Hot.

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