Meshes of the Afternoon

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Meshes of the Afternoon is a 1943 American short experimental film directed by and starring wife-and-husband team Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid.

Why It Rocks

  1. The film's been acknowledged as one of the classics of avant-garde cinema.
  2. It's pretty reminiscent of film noir in style and multi-layered in narrative.
  3. The film and its symbolism requires the audience to have a sense of curiosity and patience to interpret the fragmented imagery of everyday objects (a flower and a key) and actions (walking upstairs and looking out a window) within sequences that intersperse dreams and reality to create the director's brand of "feminine poetry."
  4. Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid both do incredible direction and silent performances.
  5. The film presents rich commentaries on the duplicity of persona, self-reflexivity and the constraints of femininity as a nameless woman (played by Deren) travels through various subjective interludes.