Meet the Feebles

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Meet the Feebles
Genre: Adult




Starring: Mark Hadlow

Peter Vere-Jones

Donna Akersten

Stuart Devenie

Release Date: 8 December 1989
Country: New Zealand

Meet the Feebles is a 1989 New Zealand musical black comedy film directed by Peter Jackson, and written by Jackson, Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair and Danny Mulheron. It features Jim Henson-esque puppets in a perverse comic satire.


Heidi, the star of the "Meet The Feebles Variety Hour" discovers her lover Bletch, The Walrus, is cheating on her, and with all the world waiting for the show the assorted co-stars must contend with their own problems. These problems include drug addiction, extortion, robbery, disease, drug dealing, and murder.

Why It Rocks

  1. This was director Peter Jackson's first few films before he would later direct movie giants like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong (2005).
  2. The movie keeps topping itself with the humor getting more sick and graphic until the final massacre sequence at the end. 
  3. This film was a better surreal, puppet-centered comedy than both The Oogieloves & The Big Balloon Adventure and more recently, The Happytime Murders.
  4. It's an ultra-perverse, ultra-absurd, and sometimes intelligent take on variety shows.
  5. The climax probably holds the biggest laughs and surprises, even in its tight context of everything going to hell in a hand-basket.
  6. As its a world entire devoid of humans, all of its logic is based around how outrageous these puppets can be in their own whacked-out environment.
  7. With the exception of the naive, method-trained Robert, and maybe his love interest, every character in the picture is severely flawed in one way or another, or just really put to abstract lengths so mind-boggling they work only in conjunction with Jackson's unnerving, low-budget style.

Bad Qualities

  1. The film is definitely not for those with a weak stomach and those without a seriously warped sense of humor.
  2. The sex scenes, though a selling point and twisted beyond comprehension, can get pretty weird.
  3. Nearly all of the puppet designs are grotesque or not nice to look at, though this is intentional.