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LAIKA Entertainment, also known as LLC or LAIKA, is a stop-motion animation studio from Hillsboro, Oregon. The studio was created June 23rd, 2005, with their first feature film being created in 2009.

They have created five feature films so far, all of which were critically acclaimed.

Why They Rock

  1. All of their films have gorgeous and smooth animation.
  2. They've done a pretty good job at popularizing stop-motion animation again.
  3. They do a good job at setting the mood in their films.
  4. Very likable characters in their films, most notably the main characters. The character designs are also very well-made and fit very well with the stop-motion style.
  5. Excellent voice-acting in their films, which really fit their roles well.
  6. Aside from their feature films, they've also helped create other great movies such as Corpse Bride.
  7. Great humor in their films, such as in Kubo and the Two Strings when Beetle asks, "I have a question - if you're Monkey, and I'm Beetle, why isn't he called Boy?"
  8. The movies they make are an excellent blend of surrealism and fantasy.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite their films being family films, they can sometimes get too scary (or otherwise inappropriate) for kids.
  2. Their films tend to underperform due to their habit of bad marketing and US audiences in general being reluctant to see stop motion films.

List of Movies