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Gordy poster.jpg
Genre: Comedy-drama
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: May 12, 1995
Directed by: Mark Lewis
Distributed by: Miramax Family Films
Starring: Doug Stone
Tom Lester
Kristy Young
James Donadio
Deborah Hobart
Justin Garms
Michael Roescher

Gordy is a 1995 American family comedy-drama film distributed by Miramax Family Films.


Gordy is a young piglet whose family has been taken away. He journeys across the country to find them and save them before it's too late, and along the way becomes famous for being a "hero pig" after saving a young boy, Hanky Royce, from drowning. He also befriends a young girl, Jinnie Sue. Gordy and his new friends all learn the importance of family and friendship along the way, and Gordy not only reunites with his own family, but he brings Hanky's mother and Jinnie Sue's father together as well.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a very heartwarming story about friendship and family, as well as doing what's right.
  2. Gordy himself is a lovable and enduring protagonist, and his human friends are all likable as well.
  3. Justin Garms, the voice of Gordy, has a sweet and adorable voice that goes well with his character.
  4. The movie also shows that even when things are bad, they will turn out alright in the end as long as you persevere.
  5. There are some good songs in this movie, including the touching end credits theme, "I Made a Promise", as well as the catchy rap song "Pig Power in the House", which became an Internet meme.
  6. It shows how animal cruelty is a true thing and not okay.
  7. The score by Charles Fox is also very good, with nice country elements.
  8. Unlike today's movies and TV shows, where children are portrayed as spoiled brats who always get their way and are ungrateful, the children in Gordy are well mannered and polite. This includes Gordy himself.
  9. The scenery is beautiful, and the filming quality is sufficient as well.
  10. The movie provides some intelligent satire against public relations and advertising.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some scenes, particularly the scenes showing the slaughterhouse, can be intense for younger viewers.
  2. The movie was produced on a limited budget, and therefore, some things are not the best of quality as far as the filming quality is concerned. For example, they did not use animatronics for the animals' mouth movements; they instead gave the animals chewing gum.
  3. It was overshadowed by Babe, which was also another family film about a young pig which had also came out the same year, even though Gordy came first.


  • As of now, it is unknown if this film will ever get a Blu-ray release, but it has had three DVD releases, the first in June 2002, the second in April 2011, and the most recent in October 2014. The October 2014 DVD release in particular has great quality, proving that the movie would actually be suitable for a Blu-ray release after all.
  • The movie's story was written by Jay Sommers and Dick Chevillat, the creators of the TV series Green Acres. They had originally come up with the idea in the 1970s because they wanted to make a movie about Arnold Zipper the Pig from the show. However, the film was not released until two decades later, resulting in it looking more like an 80s film than one from 1995.