Dora and the Lost City Of Gold

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Dora and the Lost City Of Gold is a 2019 adventure comedy film based on the Nickelodeon show Dora the Explorer.

Why It Rocks

  1. The film is very self aware, addressing things in the Dora cartoon in a very humorous way, such as Dora's know it all personality and the fake interactivity is also represented.
  2. Likeable characters.
  3. Isabella Moner does a great job as Dora, and Dora is surprisingly entertaining in the movie.
  4. Great acting overall.
  5. The CGI on Boots and Swiper is impressive, going for a cartoony look that resembles the show but also managing to look realistic.
  6. It harkens back to 80s adventure movies, especially The Goonies.
  7. The opening sequence recreates the show and the way it is revealed to be Dora and Diego pretending is hilarious.
  8. The character interactions are great, with Dora's know it all and annoying personality allowing for some great character moments.
  9. Dora develops as the film progresses, as she starts off resembling her animated counterpart in a parody like way but then becomes more accepted by her classmates as the film progresses.
  10. While the movie parodies the source material, it also caters to the people who grew up with it via some great references.
  11. Benico Del Toro as Swiper is a perfect casting choice, and while his role in the film is limited he is entertaining.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes the actors can overact.
  2. The twist villain cliche is used.
  3. Poor marketing that made the film look worse than it really is.