Corpse Bride

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Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride.jpg
Genre: Musical, fantasy
Photography: Color
Running Time: 77 minutes
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Release Date: September 23rd, 2005
Directed by: Mike Johnson, Tim Burton
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter

Corpse Bride is a 2005 stop-motion animated musical/fantasy film. It was the first movie directed by Tim Burton and was his first stop-motion movie to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Laika also helped with production of the film.


Victor is a young man in a rich family who is preparing for his arranged marriage with a young woman named Victoria, who is in a poor family. Their families hope that this will increase their wealth. While they both have concerns about marrying someone they don't know, they fall in love with each other when they meet. Victor ruins the wedding rehearsal by forgetting his vows, but he then runs into a forest and practices his vows there. When he places the ring on an upturned tree root, he realizes that this tree root was actually the arm of a deceased woman in a bridal gown, and that he unintentionally married her. Victor tries to run away, but he passes out and later wakes up in the land of the dead. Victor wants to get out of this misunderstanding, but he's not sure how to..

Why it Rocks

  1. Great stop-motion visuals, especially for 2005.
  2. The idea for the movie is rather interesting and unique.
  3. The character designs look great and fit in with Tim Burton's style very well.
  4. Victor is a likable protagonist.
  5. The voice acting is well done.
  6. The soundtrack is nice-sounding.
  7. Some moments can actually be pretty funny, such as some parts of when Victor practices his wedding vows in the forest.
  8. The part where Emily gives Victor his childhood dog Scraps was heartwarming, and was rather funny when Victor told him "Play dead.. oh, sorry.".
  9. It uses simplicity quite well.
  10. It has a lot of the same charm of other movies Tim Burton made or helped make, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  11. Lots of good twists and turns.
  12. It has a good ending.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes its story can feel a little fast.
  2. Some parts of it can be fairly inappropriate for a family film. For instance, at the part where Victor is in the forest practicing his wedding vows, he says "With this hand, I will cup your-" before realizing that he has his hands on his chest in a suggestive manner, and then saying "Oh, goodness, no!". Although it's not meant to be too scary, no blood is shown, and it is fairly typical of Tim Burton productions, there are also a few scary scenes, such as two character deaths and some grotesque imagery of corpses.
  3. Some continuity errors. For instance, in one scene a character is shown eating something that appears to be chicken, but a little later it changes to soup.