Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody

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Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody
Genre: Action
Romantic Comedy
Photography: Color
Running Time: 93 Minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: December 16, 2006
Directed by: Noriyuki Abe
Written by: Masashi Sogo
Distributed by: Toho
Starring: Masakazu Morita
Chiwa Saito
Fumiko Orikasa
Romi Park
Kentarō Itō
Masashi Ebara
Ryōtarō Okiayu
Yoko Somi
Dai Matsumoto
Hajime Iijima
Daisuke Egawa
Takashi Kondo
G.K. Bowes
Johnny Young Bosche
Michelle Ruff
Wally Wingert
Wally Wangert
Steve Staley
Dan Worren
JB Blanc
Wendee Lee
Kirk Thornton
Kyle Hebert
Vic Mignogna
Previous film: N/A
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Bleach The Movie:  Memories of Nobody is an action, adventure, drama, tragedy, romance, comedy, romantic comedy, fantasy, Japanese anime movie, and is the first anime movie to be added to the Bleach franchise.  It was directed by Noriyuki Abe, written by Masashi Sogo, musically composed by Shiro Sagisu, cinematography by Toshiyuki Fukushima, edited by Hidetoshi Okuda and Junichi Uematsu, produced by Studio Pierrot, distributed by Toho, and it starred Masakazu Morita, Fumiko Orikasa, Chiwa Saito, Kentaro Ito, Romi Park, Ryotaro Okiayu, Masashi Ebara, Dai  Matsumoto, Yoko Somi, Daisuke Egawa, Hajime Iijima, and Takashi Kondo in the sub, and Johnny Young Bosche, Michelle Ruff, G.K. Bowes, Wally Wingert, Steve Staley, Dan Woren, Troy Baker, JB Blanc, Wendee Lee, Kirk Thornton, Kyle Hebert, and Vic Mignogna in the English dub.  It was originally released in Japan on December 16, 2006.  

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing animation.  
  2. The new character this movie introduces, Senna, is incredibly interesting, likable, and sympathetic.  She's become so popular among the fanbase that many Bleach fans have voiced their interest in Kubo making her canon within the manga, which will sadly never happen due to the manga having ended.  
  3. Great voice acting in both sub and dub.  
  4. Considering that Bleach has never really focused on romance, it's very surprising that the relationship between Senna and Ichigo is as emotionally grippnig and believable as it is.  
  5. Very appealing art style and character designs.  
  6. The storyline involving the Blanks and the Valley of Screams is one of the most intriuging that Bleach has ever exhibited.  
  7. Excellent soundtrack.  
  8. The end of the movie is very tragic and emotionally devastating, yet also appropriate given the plot and the pacing.  
  9. Good pacing.  

Bad Qualities

  1. The villains in the movie are kind of one dimensional.  


Bleach The Movie:  Memories of Nobody has a 3/5 on Letterboxd, a 7.3/10 on the International Movie Database (IMDB), a 7.55/10 on MyAnimeList, a 4/5 on AnimePlanet, and a 73.39% community approval rating on Kitsu.