Black Christmas (1974)

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Black Christmas (1974)
Black Christmas (1974) poster.jpg
Genre: Horror
Photography: Reginald H. Morris
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: October 11, 1974 (Canada)
December 20, 1974 (United States)
Directed by: Bob Clark
Written by: A. Roy Moore
Distributed by: Warner Brothers
Starring: Oliva Hussey
Keir Dullea
John Saxon
Margot Kidder
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Black Christmas is a 1974 Canadian horror film directed and produced by Bob Clark. It stars Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Saxon Kidder, and Margot Kidder.   


As winter break begins, a group of sorority sisters, including Jess (Olivia Hussey) and the often inebriated Barb (Margot Kidder), begin to receive anonymous, lascivious phone calls. Initially, Barb eggs the caller on but stops when he responds threateningly. Soon, Barb's friend Claire (Lynne Griffin) goes missing from the sorority house, and a local adolescent girl is murdered, leading the girls to suspect a serial killer is on the loose. But no one realizes just how near the culprit is.

Why It Rocks

  1. Very innovative.  
  2. Excellent acting, especially from Oliva Hussey and Margot Kidder.  
  3. This film helped inspire Halloween, one of the most popular horror films of all time.  In an interview, John Carpenter stated that he came up with the idea of Halloween after the director of Black Christmas, Bob Clark, gave a statement as to what a sequel would be like.  
  4. This film also had the killer calling up on the phone, which probably helped to inspire Scream.  
  5. The fact we never see the killer nor find out who he really is gives it a much more suspenseful vibe to the movie.
  6. A nicely handled twist ending, which provides a genuine shock.  
  7. Lots of enjoyable dark comedy.