Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

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Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)
Genre: Slasher
Photography: N/A
Running Time: 108 Minutes(original cut version)
98 Minutes(cut version)
Country: United States
Release Date: November 13, 1976
Directed by: Alfred Sole
Written by: Alfred Sole
Rosemary Ritvo
Distributed by: Allied Artists
Starring: Linda Miller
Paula Sheppard
Lillian Roth
Niles McMaster
Brooke Shields
Jane Lowry
Previous film: N/A
Next film: N/A

Alice, Sweet Alice is an American 1976 suspense horror film.  It was directed by Alfred Sole, written by Alfred Sole and Rosemary Ritvo, produced by Alfred Sole and Richard K. Rosenberg, musically composed by Stephen  J. Lawrence, edited by Edward Salier, distributed by Allied Artists, and starred Linda Miller, Paula Sheppard, Lilian Roth, Niles McMaster, Brooke Shields, and Jane Lowry.  

Why It Rocks

  1. The movie has a lot of some splendidly chilling scenes.  
  2. The main heroine of the movie, Alice, is an incredibly likable and sympathetic character.  
  3. Excellent cinematography.  
  4. Great writing.  
  5. The mask that the killer wears is quite possibly the creepiest mask ever worn by a slasher villain.  
  6. Amazingly effective suspense.  
  7. Incredible acting.  
  8. The film does a great job at keeping you guessing and not telegraphing the plot twists.